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My Felting Photo Diary

Hello, dear reader! As you may know, I embarked on this change of career direction almost two years ago so that I could spend more time with my little man, Benjamin. I’ve kept a photo diary to give an insight into what the typical working day and week looks like for me... Saturday A fabulous Felting Workshop at Radbrook Community Centre, Shrewsbury. Really beautiful results from all participants and a stunning Van Gogh-inspired starry night by Jade.

fabulous felting workshop - Radbrook Community Center

Sunday Spent the day demonstrating felting at Acton Scott Working Farm museum. I was delighted to have a visit from a special guest who came to visit with Nanny and Grandad. He soon got to work ‘clippety-clopping' with his new hobby horse.

Felting workshop - Acton Scott Working Farm Museum

Monday Monday is better known as ‘Funday Monday’ as Ben and I got to a music class then meet our friends for coffee and cake. I spent my afternoon finishing a collection of sheep landscapes.

felted sheep landscapes

Tuesday On a Tuesday we usually go to Nanny and Grandad’s house where I work all day in Nanny’s sewing room. I finished a few seaside-inspired scenes while Ben baked some super jam tarts and read stories. In the evening we found time for some puddle jumping.

felted seaside inspired scenes

Wednesday On Wednesday I did my fortnightly shift in the Buy From Shropshire pop up shop in Frankwell, Shrewsbury. There's a work desk for me to work at and I spent the day completing a large poppy wildflower meadow scene and some miniature flower landscapes. Ben spent another fun day at Nanny’s.

Buy From Shropshire pop-up Shop in Frankwell, Shrewsbury

Thursday Thursday was spent at our favourite book shop, Button and Bear in Shrewsbury, followed by a trip to the park and an afternoon of wet felting, creating several background pieces for future collections.

wet felting by tilly tea dance, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Friday On Friday we had a creating day at home. Ben enjoyed some play dough fun while I worked on some felted sheep brooches. Several tons of toys were also decanted on to my living room floor!

felted sheep brooches - tilly tea dance

Saturday Another Saturday? "Has this woman succeeded in creating an eight day week?" I hear you say. Well no, but as I had another fab workshop I just had to share the results of that too. This time it was a half day felted sheep landscapes workshop at Felt Sew Woolly in Shrewsbury.

felted sheep landscapes workshop - felt sew woolly, shrewsbury

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about how I combine my artwork and tutoring with enjoying the first precious few years of Ben’s life. Call back again for another story...

Best wishes

Max x

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